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1Basic Chatbox Rules Empty Basic Chatbox Rules on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:17 am


1. No posting any links that do not pertain to any current conversations in the chat box. Punishment could anything from getting a warning to read the rules all the way to having your account deleted, according to what information was on it.

2. No harassing/spamming. The punishment could be being kicked to being banned. Harassing includes but is not limited to swearing a lot more then necessary, insulting, or threats. Spamming includes but is not limited to whining, begging for attention, and just flat out spamming.

3. Whatever and Admin or Moderator says goes. If you do something bad that is not in this post, we will give you a fair warning. if you choose to repeat the action that you have been politely asked to stop, then you will be kicked and/or banned.

4. This is for other Admins/Moderators: No abuse of power. If i get a pm and a screenshot from a user that proves you were being rude, I personally will remove your admin status for a certain period of time. I will only resort to that if the victim has enough information.

5. Do not ask to be an Admin/Moderator unless you have been a member for 5 or more days. You may feel free to ask more than once but only once per day, and if i hear you asked more than one Admin/Moderator, you will be banned fro the rest of the day. If you made the bad decision to do it at night, I will ban you not only for the rest of the day, but for the full day tomorrow.

6. No bragging about your gender. If somebody for example says that you are a boy, feel free to correct them, but it really does not matter what gender you are. It's just a children's card game.

7. No breaking the rules. I know this may be pretty obvious, but what I mean is if you repeatedly break rules, you will be breaking this one also. The punishment is banning, or if worse comes to worst, then we will delete your account.

8. No making multiple accounts. This means you icedragon290.

9. Well, i couldn't think of a number #9, so on to number 10 it is!

10. No bickering about little things. If you must, catch an Admins' attention and ask for help. The main result of these arguments are settled in a duel, winner is well, you guessed it, the winner. While in other cases, we'll just do a simple google search.

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